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Twenty years ago we used video and got feedback and the difference is now we get a recorded DVD that we can review at home over and over.  Then the other positive is we get an exercise that reinforces the motion we are trying to learn.  We break down the whole swing into parts which then we can practice these parts at home.  We can even practice without clubs at home in front of mirror.  Another thing is once we use a training progression that starts indoors using video hitting into a net and once our motion is good we go outside to watch the ball fly.  What is very helpful is instant feedback from video replay that allows me to assess the checkpoints in my swing. 

~ Tom Carson



This program has really helped me learn how to practice in a more productive way.  It has also helped me to improve my practice techniques and has taught me the golf swing and the different pieces involved in it.  They use the most up to date proven learning techniques that have really helped me improve my all around golf game.  I went from a 17 handicap to an 11.  Not only do they help you with your technical skills they also have helped me with my mental approach, and I also get to see how some of the best players in the state practice and work on their games.  It has made training fun and productive. 

~ Gerry Coleman



After over 40 years of playing golf, my game reached a crossroads and I had to make a decision.  I could accept the fact that I would be a 13-15 handicap golfer forever, or I could make a commitment to improve my game, but I would need professional help to do that.


A friend of mine referred me to Coach George Bryan at the George Bryan Golf Academy.  After a couple of introductory lessons and several conversations about my personal goals and objectives, Coach Bryan came back to me with a suggestion.  He told me that if I “was willing to make serious commitments of time and effort and understand that my game might have to get worse before it got better”, he “would customize a program for me and we could get started on this journey together”.


With an active home life, a full-time work schedule and the baseball, softball, volleyball and horse show schedules of nine grandchildren to content with, I did not see how I could make the commitments that Coach Bryan expected.  After a considerable amount of soul searching, I went back to him to discuss what I could commit to and we agreed to proceed recognizing that progress would not be as fast as it would be with greater commitments.


The program that Coach Bryan developed for me was nothing like any golf instruction I had ever seen before.  He began by recording my flawed golf swing on his video training system.  There he could draw lines that indicated what I needed to do and the immediate visual feedback started to develop positive images in my mind.


He recommended that I set up a training studio at home with mirrors and other visual training aids.  He developed a series of drills that I could do at home and suggested that I do them religiously at least 3-4 times per week.  None of these drills involve a golf ball and some don’t even involve a club!


Coach Bryan strongly recommended that I stop spending time at the course on the practice range hitting buckets of balls and instead spend that time on my home drills.  If I did get to the course for practice, he wanted me to spend that time on or around the putting green hitting putts and short chip shots.


To completely rebuild my mental approach to the game, Coach Bryan pointed me to the written words of Dr. Morris Pickens, Dr. Bob Rotella and Dr. James Parent, sports psychologists who work with today’s world-class professional golfers.  I have six of their books recorded on CDs that I keep in my car and I listen to them at every opportunity.


From the beginning, Coach Bryan brought in Coach Chase Butler to provide additional instruction and guidance, and Coach Butler has been there to support me throughout the program.  We have continued “our journey together” for nearly two years now and these are the tangible results that “we” have achieved.


The most important result of all is that my passion for this wonderful game has never been more intense!! 


Many of the concepts that I have learned about the mental side of the game can be applied to my home life and my professional career. 


I get as much satisfaction from my opportunities to work on improving my game as I do from posting a great score.


I am hitting my driver further, and with greater accuracy, now than I ever have.


My quality of contact with my long and middle irons is greater than it has ever been.


My consistency for getting up and down with short shots around the green has improved tremendously.


My goal of lowering my handicap, which was 13 when we started, to a single-digit handicap, was realized about nine months ago.  Currently my handicap is 8 and it will go lower!!


My goal of playing my first sub-par 9-hole round was realized a week ago.


I have not yet achieved my goal of playing my first sub-par 18-hole round, but it is close and I am confident that I will get there.


Coach Bryan and Coach Butler have completely rebuilt my approach to the game, and in spite of occasional bad days, I am enjoying it more than I ever have.  I owe them both a tremendous debt of gratitude. 

~Phil Canders